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The owners of CARAMANIS BROS SA have more than 50 years experience in the trade of leather and auxiliary materials for footwear and leather good manufacturing.

Our History

In 1960 the brothers Adamantios and Nikolaos Karamanis founded the company AFOI G. KARAMANI OE. Its headquarters were located in Monastiraki , 18 Aristophanous Street, an area that was once full of shoe and bag industries.

In 1999, the company passed to the successors, under the name CARAMANIS BROS SA, which remains until today. In 2004, the company moved to its own facilities – warehouses in Metamorfosi Attikis.

With constant persistence and research, we supply the Greek footwear and leather goods manufacturing market with a wide variety of leathers and leather goods, focusing on quality, consistency and customer service.

The website www.caramanisbros.gr and www.caramanisbros.com is the online product display store of the Greek company “AFOI G. KARAMANI SA” (TRADE OF FOOTWEAR MATERIALS & TANNING) based in Metamorfosi, Attica, Greece (Address registered office: 20 Ioannou Ralli, TK 14452 – Tel.: 210.2823188, Email: caraman@otenet.gr / VAT number: 094148960 – D.O.Y FAEE OF ATHENS. Registration number: 000371301000.



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Genuine leather of the highest quality that offers top knotch sensation that stands out.


Genuine high quality vegan leathers, that deliver great


Materials used in the construction process.
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